2010 Conference Information

August 22, 2010

Summer Conference provides witness to huge progress in ACDA; honor choir participants go home as stronger musicians

by Rhonda Hawley, President

Ihawleyt was terrific to have so many attend our AR ACDA Summer Conference. It’s always a great time of reconnecting with some, as well as meeting new directors. We all owe our thanks to the directors who volunteered their time to select music for the reading sessions; accompany the sessions; and prepare and present interest sessions.

If there was a particular session that inspired you, please take the time to let that presenter know. I personally wish to thank our AR ACDA board members and officers. We are so fortunate to have Carrie Taylor, Bennie Carol Dunavan & Michael Crouch leading this organizatiohawley-taylorn. We could not ask for more dedicated, honest and sincere people than this team.

What a thrill to see and hear our very first AR ACDA Honor Choir in concert! Andrea Ramsey did a terrific job of selecting appropriate, yet challenging music for these young singers. She really connected with them during the rehearsals and this was so evident during their performance. Certainly the students involved have returned to their home choirs excited about singing and stronger musicians. We are so appreciative to Scott Reeves and Hot Springs First Baptist Church for generously hosting this great event.

It was an honor to have our Executive Director, Dr. Tim Sharp at our conference. The goal of ACDA to provide every child the opportunity to sing in a choir is indeed one we should all embrace. As we continuously fight to keep students in our programs at school, we also need to think outside the box for ways to provide quality singing experiences for our kids.

For those of us who have been ACDA members for many years, it is exciting to witness the huge progress our organization has made since Dr. Sharp has been hired. His presentation on the ACDA website was truly the first time many of us had an uninterrupted hour to see what all it offers. Yes, the internet was slow that day……but, the content that was introduced far outweighed our impatience with the speed of connection. What our valuable tool that we have through, with much of it being free of cost. It is our hope hat you will utilize all of the wonderful tools being made available to us.

Finally, is has been a true honor and pleasure to serve as AR ACDA president these past two years. The longer I’m in this profession, and just when I think “I’ve done it all,” the more I realize how much I have to learn. Working with ACDA with both the state and national officers has rekindled a spark in me to grow as a teacher, musician and an advocate for our art. Whether we direct a school, church, or community choir, our job is amazing and a privilege. Being able to combine beautiful texts with harmonies for the purpose of enriching our lives is indeed an honor. Thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve. Here’s wishing you a year for of joy and growth!